Attic Restoration – Guano Removal

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In nearly all bat removal jobs there will be some sort of bat guano removal. Because bat guano carries a disease called Histoplasmosis it is highly recommended that at minimum a partial attic restoration be performed. Services that would be included in this scope of work would be guano removal, insulation removal, disinfecting active areas, insulation replacement and if there is a gable vent entry, the gable vent screen would need to be replaced.

When bats are getting in the gable vent, at first they might not be able to get into the actual attic, but hang on the insect screen. Over time the bat guano accumulates and eventually the weigh and acidity of the bat urine will erode the insect screen away. Once this occurs not only will you begin to accumulate bat guano on the insulation but it will also open up the insect screen giving the bats full access to the attic.

After the bats have full access to the attic, they will hang on roof joists through out the attic and the droppings will collect throughout the entire attic. This scenario would require a full attic restoration. Depending on which kind of insulation is in the attic would determine the method in which it is removed. If it is blown insulation a special gas powered insulation vacuum would need to be used to suck up all the contaminated insulation. If it is your standard R-19 fiberglass insulation it would need to be manually removed, placed into a dumpster and then disposed in a proper dumping location.

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