Bat Eviction


The first step after all of the entry points have been established is bat eviction. Bats are protected so they cannot be trapped, poisoned or killed. They need to be safely and humanely removed from their roosting area. Areas that are common roosting areas in homes are gaps in the eaves, construction gaps, gable vents, soffit junctions and gaps in the gable rises.

The bats that are common in this area are the little brown myotis. They are extremely small and can fit in gaps less than an inch. This means that all potential future entry points need to be sealed up with professional grade products and then the active entry points needs an excluder installed. By sealing up all the gaps this will ensure that the bats won’t move to a different area after they have been evicted from the attic.

Once the excluder has been installed the bats will normally leave overnight. Bats eat 50 percent of their body weight during the summer time so they don’t stay in the attic for extended amounts of time. We normally leave the one way door up between 5-7 days and it is then removed and the entry is sealed with hardware cloth, galvanized steel or silicone.

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