Bat Removal


Many people are under the misconception that certain products on the internet can be used as bat deterrents and aid in the eradication of bats living in the attic. For all the DIY Bat Removal experts, examples of bat eviction products are strobe lights, radios, mothballs, spot lights and high frequency plug in devices. When you see these products at your local Walmart Super Center, run as far away from them as possible. Once you have bats getting in the attic, they have imprinted on entry points such as gable vents, dryer vents, ridge vents, soffit gaps, construction gaps, builders gaps and will not vacate your home because of these products. Bat removal is a complicated process and if you don’t follow the proper steps, you could potentially end up with a bat in the house or a bat infestation in the future.

Bats are protected, so bat extermination is illegal. If the bat pest company that you speak with is unaware of this, then that should be a red flag. Recently bats have been in decline because of a disease called white nose syndrome. This is caused by a fungus that grows on the bats nose and has caused the death of millions of bats. Some species of bats have gone from protected to endangered. Before this disease was discovered most bat removal experts were known as bat exterminators. Because of the discovery of the white nose syndrome, the bat exclusion is the method of removing bats from your home.

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